Regal Assets, The Best Way To Invest in Gold

Regal Assets, Invest In Gold : Smart Investment Option for Times like These

Gold Investment

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Gold has been the world’s currency of choice from ancient civilisation to the modern era. If you are looking for a way to invest in Gold, Regal assets is the best decision to make.

In this article we will explore more about why investing in Gold is crucial in these economic pandemic times

Interest in gold escalated in early 2020 when coronavirus was tightening its grip and recession followed after that. Investors are looking for a safe asset to put down their money.

If you would like learn more how you can invest in gold today, Consult Regal Assets.

Why invest in gold?

Investors have many reasons to like gold as it has attributes that make it a great counterpoint as compared to typical financial securities including bonds and stocks. Gold is perceived as a store of value. Some see it as a barrier against inflation. Investors worry about the Federal actions taken to stimulate the economy like near-zero interest rates or government expenditure leading to an increase in inflation.Gold prices are surging towards an all-time high which might tempt you to add some of it to your portfolio. With the net inflow of $23 billion in the first quarter itself, sales of gold stocks set new records this year.Here are some qualities of gold that especially allures investors:

1. Great Returns

Gold outnumbers bonds and stocks in a great way. However, gold cannot always win over them.

2. Liquidity Power

You can always readily convey a certain kind of gold-based assets into cash.

3. Low correlations

Gold performs differently as compared to bonds and stocks. When gold prices go up, it may get low as well and vice-versa.

4. Highly Diversified

Gold is not just restricted or highly related to any other assets, it can also diversify your portfolio downsizing the risk.

5. Defensive Investment

Investors go back to the gold when they see an unstable economy. It makes a defensive store of value.

Another propelling advantage of investing in gold is– Infinite QE


The Federal started the first round of QE1- quantitative easing and people thought it cause a lot of inflation so they bought gold. However, inflation did not happen but gold still roars higher. Now, the Federal Reserve is going for an infinite amount of QE. People will fear inflation and gold is bound to surge in this situation as the Fed can print an infinite amount of dollars but can’t print gold.

With all being said, the biggest reason to invest in gold is still left. Gold smoothens out the volatility in your portfolio. You need to add a bit of gold to get the same overall risk-adjusted returns.

Where to invest in Gold?

With the modern age of the internet, it has become a lot easier to buy and sell gold. Gold distributors sell and ship gold. They also store gold. After you decide to buy the gold, the question you will ask yourself is how to sell gold?Here are some of the ways to buy and sell gold:

Gold Bullion

The most emotionally rewarding way to buy gold is in bars or coins. Touching and looking at it gives everyone a great amount of satisfaction. Nevertheless, such kinds of gold possessions also have downsides as well especially when you own more than normal. The major drawback is how to protect and safeguard the precious yellow metal along with its insurance.You can purchase gold from internet-based dealers such as Regal Assets, local distributors, or from pawnshops.

Gold Futures

Gold futures are the exchange-traded agreements. In this, an investor buys a fixed quantity of gold from the seller at a particular cost on a pre-decided future shipping date. It is a structured agreement to buy or sell gold which is already decided but executed in the future. It means you are not bound to pay and the seller does not have to send you some gold too. You can own a lot of amount for relatively less money.

Gold ETFs

ETF or Gold exchange-traded fund is a means of exchange comprising of the single principal asset i.e. gold. ETFs are considered as individual securities and are traded like a stock exchange. Your portfolio will hold derivates funded ETF or Gold exchange-traded fund is a means of exchange comprising of the single principal asset i.e. gold. ETFs are considered as individual securities and are traded like a stock exchange. Your portfolio will hold gold-funded derivates. So, if you buy shares in ETF in exchange for gold, you are not going to own gold personally.The value of gold tends to rise when the dollar is dropped. ETFs are more likely to exchangeable at the market price fThe value of gold rises when the dollar is dropped. ETFs are more likely to be exchangeable at the market price for cash. They have more liquid value than gold bullions and you can exchange them from your home.

Gold Mining Stocks

Another alternative to buy and sell gold is to own the miner who produces it. This is the most profitable option for investors. Firstly, if gold rises so does the miner’s profit and secondly, miners can raise the production with time. This is a win-win situation for the investor than depending on the rising cost of gold.

Gold Companies for Investment

There are many companies available on the internet that provides shipping of gold and offers you guidance with a smart investment. One of the best companies for investment in gold is Regal Assets.Regal Assets offer trusted and proven precious metal options besides gold, such as platinum and silver. It is engaged with both buying and selling of gold and other metals in the form of bars, bullions, and coins.

What makes Regal Assets a preferred choice?

1. Proven Track Record:

The Company has an amazingly spotless track record. Even if you search for ‘Regal Assets Review’, you will see the tons of compliments with zero complaints.

2. Separate Storage:

Regal Assets offers separate storage arrangement for bars, coins, and bullion. Unlike other companies, those charge exorbitant extra charges for such privilege, Regal Assets charge an only annual fee of $150.

3. Fast Shipping Time:

They execute delivery within seven days and if they fail to do so, they provide free Silver American Eagle coin for their clients.

4. Gold IRA Rollover:

Regal Assets know all in-and-out of an IRA rollover. You can end up losing a lot of money if you do not buy coins approved for IRA or some other incorrect taxation document. Their majority of the business is made from IRA rollovers. They assure the investors are in safe hands.

See yourself what Regal Assets offer with Free Investor’s Kit. It helps you with selecting the right strategy to accomplish your financial goals.


No matter what the situation is, gold investment can protect your portfolio from the volatility of markets and help in setting it up for future growth as the world economy naturally rebound post-COVID-19 pandemic.

If you need any advice or guidance regarding the right strategy to achieve your financial goals.

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